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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 25, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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your family, look at the flyers and plot your black friday ? those days are gon the good old days when you had all day to sit with the family, plan out your black friday shopping. those days are gone. what used to be the time to brows is now the the time to shop. trapped on a cliffside unable to walk and without cell service. what ultimately saved his life and the hero we have met before. you get the meds from the people you trust but they are people after all and they do make mistakes. how to make sure the right stuff is in the bottle. and we showed up to show you what thanksgiving is like at someone else's home. good evening, hope you've had a happy thanksgiving day. i'm allen martin. ads in the paper today. maybe you know somebody who is out there right now. let me show you something.
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shoppers just getting their start. a live look at the premium outlets in gilroy. three dozen stores are opening right now. we spotted the line starting at early as 8:00 p.m. tonight. then at midnight, everybody's doors down there will be open with retailers doing a marathon run because they will not close until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. for one store in the bay area it is not enough just to be open today on thanksgiving. it went a step farther to stick out in the retail crowd. linda yee shows us the marketing tactic known as gobble palooza. >> reporter: forget that 3:00 a.m. wake up call for black friday sales, the deals are on now. in honor of thanksgiving old navy sales folks break into a
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gobble dance every hour. several stores are now breaking the black friday tradition and offering sales even before thanksgiving. some retail experts say they have to do something to compete with online sales that go 24/7. >> how cool is that. >> reporter: coupons, extra discounts, everything on sale. who could resist? it is thanksgiving today. >> i know. but what better day to shop and be thankful they have money to shop. i came from texas to shop on thanksgiving. >> shop here. >> yes. >> because they don't open stores in texas? >> they don't. >> reporter: there were video dancing games for the kids and prizes to be won. this is all about marketing in a struggling economy and this store is not missing a beat. in fact -- hey, i'm over here. the store manage, says if you think these sales are good today.
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well, wait until midnight tonight. that's when black friday sales launches at all the other stores. >> i will be at target tomorrow. 4:00 a.m. i plan on getting there at midnight bus the lines start then figure i will hit kohl's and move on from there. >> does sleep factor in at all? >> no, there is time to sleep when you're dead. >> reporter: spoken like a true bargain hunter. linda yee in san francisco, cbs5. >> for tomorrow's black friday crowds, b.a.r.t will be adding more cars to its train. the agency will be holding a safety awareness campaign at three stations. even though violent crimes and robberies are down on b.a.r.t police will give riders tips to keep themselves and belongings safe during the holidays. this is the night people are most likely to be outside when the lows hit. lawrence karnow is here with a preview of what's coming at us.
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>> hope they got thick coats with them. very cold temperature around the bay area even right now. freeze warnings up for north and east bay. temperatures down into the 20s overnight and into the 30s. if some of the winds calm down maybe low 20s in some spots. frost advisory. got to watch out for the pets, pipes, plants and people. get a load of some of the temperatures outside right now. cold in spots. 28 degrees. 30 and freezing in santa rosa. 31 also freezing in pleasanton and 32 right at the freezing mark. going way down from here. just how low will they go? we will talk about that. the rest of the forecast coming up in a bit. allen, back to you. >> glad i'm inside. >> yes. a thanksgiving hike prompted a rescue mission in contra costa county. a man was seriously injured during a fall leaving him in a challenging spot. robert lyles shows us the obstacles the crew faced trying to get that man off the side of
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the mountain. >> reporter: this 20-year-old east bay man has a profound understanding of thanksgiving tonight. if not for this c.h.p. helicopter and would contra costa firefighters it may have claimed another life. >> the ankle injury alone, he wouldn't have been able to walk out of there. >> lucky to be alive? >> yes. it was difficult for us. >> reporter: 911 call sent the captain to castle rock park virtually blind. >> i didn't know what we had and we got civilian leading us up there and he is trying his best to describe what the situation was. >> reporter: it was worse than the captain could imagine. the 20-year-old, while hiking had fallen 30 feet off of a boulder. >> and after he falls, then the rock comes tumbling down? >> the rock came down and landed on his ankle. >> reporter: in an area too remote for trucks that meant
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captain wells and another firefighter had to hike. >> pretty steep sometimes where you are literally crawling, kind of crawling up. >> reporter: for 20 minutes with a 50-pound paramedic bound on his back. >> you're walking with this 50- pound bag? >> reporter: once they reached him they learned their radios did not work so they had to climb back up just to radio for help. and the only help was by air. but lifting off the side of mt. diablo can be summed up in one word. >> we laid him face down. >> probably pretty scary for him because he is inside this huge bag. >> reporter: captain wells has faced the grip of death before. last april he was first on the banks of walnut creek desperately tossing a tow line to janet hogan after the family's car plunged into the creek. ultimately her life was saved and although wells has pried death's grip from two lives he is a reluctant hero.
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>> do you see yourself as a hero today? >> wouldn't say a hero. >> reporter: in walnut creek, robert lyles, cbs5. >> what a job they d . one of the crews involved in today's rescue now finds himself on life sport. the station is set to be closed due to budget cuts. a violent robbery at a walnut creek diner after it closed. it happened about 1:00 a.m. police say that an employee was walking out the back when one of the robbers hit him in the face. officers say that one man had a bat, another had a knife. and between the cash register and safe, apparently they got away with $600. in silicon valley, apple is taking a bite out of hewlett packard's business. it is five minutes from apple's
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headquarters and right next to land apple acquired four years ago. no word on how much hp wanted for that property which it had owned for decades. but real estate experts expected it to top $3 million. can you name the five colors of the threat levels. how the feds plan to simplify it. it is more common than you might think. a prescription for one medicine being filled with one that's totally incorrect. what you can do to make sure you're getting the right stuff. we crashed the party. inside a random home on this thanksgiving day.
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. were armed. this is bagram air base in afghanistan where u-s troops found ways to celebrate the holiday. there was also a 10-k turkey trot. and a full meal of turkey, ham and all of the rest of the good stuff. "my sergeant had a good idea having everyone come in and we all sat together and ate because
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this is our family when we are deployed so we at as a family. the u-s ambassador to afghanis o pay >> we all sat down together and ate. this is our family while we are deployed. the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan dropped by to pay a visit to wounded american trips and president obama called 10 members of the armed services stationed in iraq and afghanistan to wish them a happy thanksgiving and thank them for their service. for eight years many have mocked it or even just ignored it but tonight the feds are looking to scrap the color code system. there are five threat levels currently. homeland security is considering reducing that to 2. elevated and imminent. the proposed structure, the feds would have to describe the threat as specifically as possible without jeopardizing national security. the nation has been at code
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yellow or significant risk since 2006. airports are at orange or high risk. it can be a deadly mistake. the pharmacy giving you the wrong prescription. tonight we are learning the time of the month when the majority of medication errors happen. the steps that you can ensure that the right pills are in the right bottle. >> i start thinking of what is wrong with michael? why is he feeling bad? >> this is scary. >> it is. >> reporter: she says several weeks after her husband's prescriptions were refilled at this target store he started feeling funny. >> my joints in my body were aching. i was having a little bit of dizziness and very, very fatigued. >> reporter: then she noticed the pills from the two prescriptions he was taking every single day to control his blood pressure looked a lot alike. she returned to the pharmacy. >> she looked at it and told me it was the same pill. they made a mistake. >> reporter: the pharmacy admitted to putting the same pills in two bottles. that meant for two months he was taking too much of one
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prescription and none of the other. >> i was shocked. i really was. >> reporter: fortunately the mistake was not life threatening but prescription mistakes can be. >> they are basically poison. >> reporter: the executive director for the california board of pharmacy says 350 million prescriptions are filled each year in this state. but she admits they have no clue how many mistakes are made because state law does not require pharmacies to report them to the board. >> most pharmacies won't pick up the phone and call us and say by the way i just made a mistake. >> reporter: so the only way the state finds out about medication errors is when a patient complains to the pharmacy board. in the past year they have received 307 complaints and all attempts here at the state capital to require any sort of mandatory reporting have failed including a bill earlier this year. >> we were stunned by it. it was a bill that would have been good for the board and would have been good for patients. >> reporter: although she says no pharmacist wants to make a mistake they are human.
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>> we are busy too. we get busy. we can overlook things. >> reporter: independent pharmacist saying do not pass up a consultation with a pharmacist. >> if i'm telling you this medication is for seizures and you have a fungus a red flag should come up. >> reporter: compare what you see with the pill description required to be listed on the bottle. target admitted the mistake in the case of michael black they tried to reach a settlement. this turned out to be quite a lesson for michael. >> you need to check your pills before you start taking them. >> it is reported that one study found a majority of medication errors happened at
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the beginning of the month which makes sense when you realize that's when the most prescriptions are actually filled. all right. for some people thanksgiving might mean only one thing. not the food, football. today a bay area player made a very inspiring return to the field. he didn't even play. len ramirez explains how this is truly something to be grateful for. >> reporter: a skull fracture nearly killed him and he returned to the annual thanksgiving rivalry between the lincoln lions and san jose bulldogs. but today san jose high's runningback was not in pads. he is a student coach now sporting fresh scars on his head from his brush with death. >> what was it like walking back onto the field knowing that the big game day, thanksgiving day and all that. >> reporter: i got all excited and pumped up. i felt like i was going to play. >> reporter: unfortunately he
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will never play competitive football general. his promising career came to an ends on a single play. the crowd watched in stunned silence for several minutes as he lay motionless and spent 23 days in the hospital eight in an induced coma to relieve brain swelling. his injury helped focus national attention on the subject of football head injuries. >> he had a whiplash on his head. >> reporter: his father san jose high's coach at the time will never forget it. >> i definitely thought i was going to lose my kid that day. yes. that was the worst feeling ever. to see him there and not responding. somehow, some way he squeezed my hand when i told him he wasn't going to go away. he is just a miracle kid. >> ball ran by number 4. >> reporter: this would not be a miracle comeback for san jose. in fact, it was a blowout with the lions scoring on just about every possession but that didn't matter to matt. just being on the field for him was enough. >> as long as i'm on the
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sideline i don't care. >> just being here? >> just being here is what i want. >> reporter: in a 64-0 loss matt's comeback was just about all san jose fans could cheer about. >> we were here last year when he got hurt and you never want to see somebody get hurt like that. great to see him out here. >> reporter: matt will return to running track in the spring. his dream is to become a firefighter if he can pass the physical. >> i can't see out of my right eye, my peripheral vision. i love teaching. >> reporter: we somehow get the feeling that matt will achieve his goals, whatever they may be. in san jose, cbs5. from the grid iron to the -- well, gridlock in the parking lot. anywhere you go it will be cold tomorrow, right, lawrence. >> it is chilly. even out near the ocean which
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is pretty amazing. cold air wherever you go. nice look from inside looking outside. holiday lights up already. freeze warning and frost advisories up for most of the area. this is probably the last night as we are going to see a big change as we head into the weekend and that means the possibility of some rain. how about the numbers outside right now? 30 degrees in fairfield. 36 in concord. 37 in livermore. 39 officially in san jose. some places already down at the freezing mark and below and going to get colder. high pressure still sitting overhead. we have a cold front bringing with it clouds. but not before we get another clear and cold night around the bay area for tonight. these temperatures again going to be very chilly in spots. overnight low of about 26 degrees in napa. 28 degrees in livermore. even in and around the bay you're going to go hovering right near freezing so lots of widespread frost when you get up tomorrow morning and ice on
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the windshield. on your cars. temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. another brisk day outside. we will start out with mostly sunny skies then i think late in the day we will notice some high clouds beginning to move in. the front will make its way into california. by tomorrow night, those clouds will start to move on overhead and as they do, guess what? well, we will actually have a nonfreezing night tomorrow night for most of the bay area. but rain looks like it could make a return by by the midnight hour in parts of the north bay and that starts to spread its way south throughout the entire bay area. so with that in mind looks like change is in the works. not going to be as cold but we are going to see rain. and, yes, even some snow down to about 3000 feet here in the bay area. >> that's cold. >> chilly. >> yes. >> thank you, lawrence. a top chef had an unusual request today. a meal for -- had to check that. 14 lemmers at the san francisco zoo. get off the table. the zoo is hosting its annual feast for beast thanksgiving
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dinner for all the animals. turkey made with chow for lemmers and bananas. >> we definitely can rival the top chefs today. not something our chef has ever done so it was definitely lots of fun for him. >> great meal. accompanied by a very formal table setting there. see the silver platters, wine glasses. they are doing pretty good not tipping those over. their table manners left a lot to be desired though. the feast for the beast events goes on all weekend at the san francisco zoo. for all the times you wondered about thanksgiving across the street, a story. and you might call it a peeping tom thanksgiving. what happened when we crashed one big family party today.
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♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better.
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back to the community this thanksgiving... after his own life was saved by an organ donor. hundreds o were a 13-year-old berkeley boy wanted to give back to the community this thanksgiving after his life was saved by an organ donor. two years ago, that's michael careaway there. he needed a liver transplant.
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he got one. he and his family launched mikey's meals. he will be honored on new year's day for paying it forward and gets to ride on a float in the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. if you always wanted to peek in on your neighbors on how they do thanksgiving watch this because mike sugerman chose a bay area family at random and got up the nerve to knock on the door and crash the party. >> reporter: on the news we are talking about people that eat at soup kitchens. what about me and you? how are you spending your day? let's go to some place random and find out. let's go to burling game. >> i know, it is funny, huh? hello. >> hi. we are with channel 5 television and we want to see what a typical burling game family does for thanksgiving. would you mind if we came in an watched?
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>> no. we have a houseful. come on in. >> thank you. >> my name is rebecca bingham. we have four kids. we have kind of a loud and active family and at thanksgiving we like to have a lot of people over. >> how many people? >> i think we planned for 40. >> 40 people? >> i started doing a lot of the stuff last night. you can do potatoes ahead of time. but this morning i started at about 6:00 a.m. >> 6:00 a.m.? >> yes. >> i enjoy it. halfway through my turkey being done in the oven i realized it wasn't cooking. we had an oven blowout. my pilot light went out and it wasn't working. >> you have 40 people coming and your oven is not working. >> luckily enough i put one turkey in the roaster just to have extra then i called my neighbors in a panic like we do. because i had a lot of my food done i got to shove it in their often. >> there is an old addage that i live by you don't take someone's stuffing out when they are cooking your turkey. >> get to rub the butter.
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>> how much butter? >> 6 pounds of butter i used today. >> mashed potatoes. sweet potatoes. brussel sprouts. green bean cas role. mike sugerman, cbs5. high school tries to win a turkey game for the first time in 26 years. and tom brady serves his first touchdown pass ever on thanksgiving. plus a few more next in sports.
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annual turkey game to decide the city championship at kezar stadium... washingt st turkey ga a tradition unlike any others.
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washington won its first turkey game since 2003. hall scores one of five eagles rushing touchdowns. they raked up over 300 yards on the ground. tom brady threw four touchdowns in the second half as the patriots scored 28 unanswered points to come back and beat the lions 45-24. the saints blew a 17-0 lead. drew brees hits lance moore for the game winner. saints take it 30-27. jets receiver brad smith scored two touchdowns, one of them coming with only one shoe. the jets beat the bengals 26-10 to match new england with a league best nine wins. bears improving to 3-0 taking on temple ending the game on a 19-5 run. gutierrez giving them the lead for good. cal wins 57-50. helping stanford to 18 first half points to beat the
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cardinals 55-52. the first loss of the season for stanford. >> you know you are fast when you run out of your shoes. >> that's right. >> see you later. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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